Small water recycling systems

Small water recycling systems of 1S… type are the basic group of devices of our offer. These are systems based on vertical sedimentation tanks, in which water filtration is aided by the use of specially selected flocculation agents.

These devices do not differ structurally and qualitatively from large systems and just they are as small as possible. They are perfect in such industries as stonemasonry, glass processing, concrete or ceramics processing, as well as many other related industries, where significant amounts of water are consumed in a process.

The application of the water recycling systems produced by us allows to use the process water in a closed circuit. Its repeated use in the treatment process is possible without loss of water quality.

The standard water recycling system consists of a vertical sedimentation tank (a silo), a dirty water pumping station, a flocculation agent dosing station and a stand for special big-bag-type filter bags or a filter press. The entire system is controlled semi-automatically.

Standard equipment sizes

  • 1S3-FL      150 l/min
  • 1S4,5-FL 250 l/min
  • 1S9-FL     450 l/min
  • 1S18-FL   600 l/min

As a producer, we provide constant warranty and post-warranty service of our equipment

Function diagram

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