dehydrator-1Sludge dehydrator

Functionality and Simplicity – Low Exploitation Costs – Reduced Water Intake – Proecological Device

General Description

This device was designed to filter and dry sludge collected in waste water tanks. The filtering process occurs in a specially designed single use filtering bags made in a material that enables water to run down while dehydrated mud stays inside. Average filtering efficiency equals 88%. The construction of the device is easy to connect to existing water tanks of any type.

Technical Specifications unit SIL-2 SIL-4 SIL-6
Measurements l/h/w cm 110/65/180 210/65/180 310/65/180
How many filtering bags bags piece 2 4 6
Mud storage efficiency/24h /24h 0.1 0.25 0.35
Filtering bags capacity spiece* cap. 2 * 90 4*90 6*90
Power supply/ Pump wattage V; kW 380; 0.75 380; 0.75 380; 0.75

Technical specifications are subject to change by the producer.

Safety and Certificates

This device is CE approved.

Ecological Aspects

Bags filled with mud can be stored in a municipal waste dump.

Warranty and Guarantees of Long Lasting

This product is under full 12 months warranty. The whole installation is galvanized. The device hasn’t got any movable parts that need to work in water or in wet environment.

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