Wall dust extractor

Wall dust extractor, executed entirely of high-grade stainless steel, is a perfect solution to the problems of dust produced during dry processing (grinding) of concrete, stone, ceramics, plastics and paints as well as resins.

Device Description

A modern workplace with a water filter for purifying the dusted air during dry processing of stone or concrete. The polluted air is sucked in by a special fan inside the device, where the dust is stuck in circulating water and sediments in a form of sludge on the bottom of a dust collector, from where it must be drained through an appropriate valve from time to time.

Technical Specifications ORKAN 2,5 ORKAN 2,5 bis
Ventilator motor 400V/2.2kW 2*400V/1.5kW
SPump motor 400V/0.75kW 400V/0.75kW
Ventilator efficiency 11000 m3 18000 m3
Weight (without water)) 330 kg 540 kg
Measurements l/w/h 255/80/210 255/140/210

The producer reserves the right to modify the technical data.



Currently, we produce two types of wall dust extractors, namely “ORKAN 2.5” and “ORKAN 2.5 bis” types, which is a double-sided device. Such a solution enables free work on two stations on opposite sides of the device.

The application of the highest, world quality materials, starting from stainless steel through pumps, fans, ending with the electric equipment, provides long and reliable operation of the device.

The standard wall dust extractors are equipped with additional covers of multi-chamber polycarbonate, thanks to which the workplace surface enlarges.

Service and Guaranteed Shelf Lives

The device is covered by a 12-month, full warranty. The device has a self-cleaning absorber that does not require replacement. The device is very easy to use and does not require specialised installation.

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