Sedimentation silos are designed to clarify water from its suspended solids with the support of polyelectrolytes (flocculants)

We manufacture silos in a wide range of sizes by making them from structural steel and stainless steel.

Silo - vertical clarifier

Vertical clarifiers – silos, are a fundamental part of all our water treatment plants based on flocculant sedimentation.

We produce silos with capacities from 2.5 to 70 m3, which with their equipment and dimensions are adapted to the individual needs of the filtration process and the requirements of the customer. We offer silos in structural steel, specially protected with epoxy coatings, or made entirely of stainless steel. Additional equipment such as ladders, platforms, stairs, valves are individual equipment depending on the installation site and the type of sludge to be filtered.

In the decanting process taking place in the silos, the thickened sludge collects at the bottom of the silo while the clarified water, through a system of gutters and pipelines, is poured into the treated water tanks. This process can be carried out continuously with regular discharge of the accumulated, thickened sludge at the bottom.