Filter presses

Filter presses

The filter press is an integral part of water treatment systems where significant amounts of sludge are generated.

It is ideal for dewatering all sludge and slurries of mineral as well as synthetic origin especially in the glass, stone, ceramic and many similar industries.

Filter presses

The basic group of equipment in our offer are hydraulic chamber presses with an automatic emptying system.

Manufactured by Silkam, filter presses are characterized by reliability and simplicity of operation and maintenance. They were built for the harsh working conditions that occur in the dewatering of sludge after stone and glass processing. As standard, all filter press covers as well as gutters and drip trays are made of stainless steel. Meanwhile, the filter package consists of high-quality polypropylene filter plates. Filter plates are covered with fabrics specially selected for the requirements of the filtration process depending on the types of sludge and the requirements of the customer.

Each filter press is equipped as standard with automatic emptying of accumulated sludge through a vibration system. In addition, filter plates always have automatic eave trays to protect the accumulated dewatered sludge below.


Standard unit sizes