Dosing stations

Dosing stations

Flocculant dosing stations are an indispensable piece of equipment for all water treatment plants using decantation and gravity thickening of sludge.

Dosing stations are designed for precise dosing of appropriate formulations for water treatment systems.

Dosing stations

We divide the flocculant dosing stations manufactured by Silkam into three basic groups, i.e. standard dosing stations, semi-automatic dosing stations and automatic dosing stations.

A standard dosing station is equipped with a tank, agitator and dosing pump and is an integral part of a complete water treatment plant.

The semi-automatic dosing station is designed for medium and large water treatment systems. It is equipped with two tanks. One of the tanks is used to store the finished product while the other is for preparation and mixing. It is also equipped with an agitator and dosing pump, as well as a set of sensors and valves for transferring the product between tanks. The plant operator is responsible for diluting the formulation.

The dosing station in the automatic version is an expanded device relative to the semi-automatic station. In addition, it has a powder (flocculant) reservoir and its own control to program the dose (concentration) of the preparation. In such a device, dosing, mixing and feeding to the treatment plant is done automatically.

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