mini water purification plants

mini water purification plants

The modern FILCORE filter is an industrial water purification plant designed for glass processing plants.

A very small and easy-to-use device for filtering process water from glass processing. Nowoczesny opatentowany przez firmę Silkam system filtracji z automatycznym suszeniem i opróżnianiem ze zgromadzonego osadu. It also enables purification of water for internal cooling of CNC spindles where very clean water is required.

FILCORE sewage treatment plants for glass processing plants

Filcore series filtration devices ensure constant very high quality of production water in a closed circuit. All types of glass processing machines can be connected to them. No flocculant or coagulant is used in the filtration process, and glass coolants do not impair the quality of filtration. The device can operate automatically in continuous mode or based on a set schedule. During operation, it does not require any maintenance except for periodic emptying of the tank with precipitated and dried waste, which is placed under the device. The small size of the filter allows it to be placed directly next to the production machine without the costs of rebuilding the plant. One device can support from one to several production machines (depending on the distance between them).

The use of the FILCORE filtration system allows for significant savings thanks to the closed water circulation without water replacement and associated downtime. In addition, maintaining water quality at a consistently high level improves machining quality and tool performance.

The most important advantages:

– very small size

– no flocculants or coagulants

– very high quality of purified water

– fully automatic operation

– minimal operating costs

– installation without construction work


Basic types of device

closed water circuit

Constant and very high quality of process water without the need to replace it

Compact dimensions

Very small size of the devices allows installation in tight production spaces

dry waste

Simple and cheap disposal of dried glass waste

perfectly clean water

Water purification function for internal cooling of CNC spindles


No It is an innovative candle filter adapted with equipment and operating parameters to filter water, especially in the glass industry.

In the automatic cycle, it filters water and dries the glass sediment that is collected in the container under the filter.

No, this treatment plant does not use sedimentation silos. It must only have small tubs with collected water for filtration. The size of these bathtubs depends on the type and size of the machine to which it will be connected

Filcore devices are selected according to the water demand of the machines and the type of processing performed on a given machine. However, please remember that the water in the machine’s circulation system constantly circulates in its factory tanks or in specially selected tanks delivered with the treatment plant. 100% of the water does not flow through the treatment plant. The device constantly filters the water in the bathtubs, ensuring its constant quality level necessary for the glass processing process.

NO. The filtration process does not require the addition of coagulants or flocculants. Water in the relatively small closed circuit of the machine is quickly affected by various biological factors. To prevent this, it is only recommended to use a special algaebicide.

Definitely yes. Good quality coolants can even improve the efficiency of treatment plants

Special filter fabrics are used in the filtration process. They are the only consumable material. They should be replaced after mechanical damage or wear, which occurs on average after approximately 6-8 months of operation.

YES It is an automatic device. It also empties itself of precipitated sediments, which, after drying, accumulate in a container under the sewage treatment plant. The operator is only responsible for turning the device on and off and emptying the container. The device also has the ability to set a work schedule for each day of the week.

Basic advantages of Filcore devices in relation to traditional treatment plants with settling tanks and centrifuges:

Traditional sewage treatment plant with a sedimentation tank Centrifuge FILCORE
dimensions Very large (height) Very small Very small
Automatic operation depending on the model depending on the model Fully automatic
Quality of purified water Average – depending on the choice of chemicals medium Very high – can be used for internal cooling
Electric energy consumption Little Large Very small
Quality and moisture of the waste From semi-liquid to solid with humidity ~30% Semi-liquid mud Dehumidified to less than 30% humidity