The equipment we manufacture is adapted to the harsh working conditions that occur in technological processes that produce various types of industrial sludge. Dehydrators are produced in galvanized or stainless steel versions as standard.

The durability and reliability of the device is guaranteed by the absence of moving mechanical parts in contact with water and sludge. According to current regulations, the bags of dewatered sludge we use can be disposed of in landfills.

Mud sludge dehydrator

The mud sludge dehydrator is a device specially designed for dewatering sludge of mineral and ceramic origin generated in small-scale stone, ceramic, glass or concrete processing plants.

The mud sludge dehydrator is connected to traditional horizontal water settling tanks. Allows filtering and drying of sediment collecting at the bottom of these industrial water clarifiers. The use of the dehydrator ensures a reduction of more than 88% in the amount of sludge in settling tanks. Filtering is carried out in special disposable filter bags, which are also containers for deposited sludge. The design of the device allows it to be connected to existing settling tanks.

Technical Data one. SIL-2 SIL-4 SIL-6
Dimensions L/W/D cm 110/65/185 210/65/185 310/65/185
Number of bags pcs 2 4 6
Max. mud production /24h 0.1 0.25 0.35
Bag capacity pcs 2 * 90 4*90 6*90
Power supply/pump power V; kW 380; 0.75 380; 0.75 380; 0.75