duza-oczyszczalniaBig water treatment installations with filtering press

General Description

The filtering press is one of the most important parts of the installation. It is a fully automated chip controlled device which irons sludge into so called “filtered plates”. The sludge is firstly deducted out of a waste water collected in a vertical clarifier (silo).

This kind of water treatment installation allows to use the production water many times in a closed circulation system. Clarified water saves it’s normal quality. The only wastes are “filtered plates” which is an absolute minimum waste in water treatment process.

The water treatment installation eliminates a part of expenses as we don’t need to replace production water and spend time on cleaning dirty water tanks.

Sewage – treatment capacity max

  • SPF 8/470-1S18-A – 600 l/min
  • SPF 8/470-2S25-A – 900 l/min
  • SPF 8/470-2S18-A – 1100 l/min
  • SPF 12/470-2S40-A – 1200 l/min
  • SPF 12/470-2S25-A – 1600 l/min
  • SPF 12/630-2S25-A – 1600 l/min

Safety and Certificates

This device CE approved

Ecological Aspects

This installation is a pro-ecological investment. Clarified water is continuously in use in a closed circulation system. The wastes are reduced to solids only – the “filtered plates” can be stored on a municipal waste dump.

Warranty and Guerantees of Long Lasting

This product is under full 12 months warranty. The installation is equipped with an unfailing emptying system and sludge proper ironing self-controller. The whole installation is protected by epoxide paint.

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Functional diagram